Coaching for Leaders Program

Grow yourself and your team with the coach mindset

About the Program

“You can’t be a great manager if you’re not a good coach,” says Harvard Business Review. 86% of companies report that investment in coaching definitely paid off, while 70% of people who underwent coaching report having better working results, relationships, and communication skills. 

Moreover, coaching boosts motivation and decreases the chance to leave a company by almost 40%.

Having said all of the above, it has become essential for leaders to adopt and actively use a coaching approach when interacting with their employees. This program provides you with the essential coaching competencies every leader should have. 

Who should attend

  • Board members
  • B-1 and B-2 leaders
  • Team leaders
  • Junior leaders
  • HR directors

Available as

  • 2 h inspirational lecture
  • 4 h introduction session
  • 2 days full live training workshop 4 x 3
  • 5 h online live training workshop

Language and Trainers

  • Experts involved:
  • A lead agile coach and facilitator
  • A coaching expert with psychological background
  • A certified Scrum master

Program Content

Agile Manifesto, agile values and mindset

  • The Why: agile and the VUCA business environment
  • Agile Manifesto
  • Agile mindset
  • Introduction to the Agile leader
  • Agile organization

Agile methods, tools and processes

  • Having a vision on an agile organization
  • Agile tools
  • Agile approaches to work
  • Overview of Scrum – the what
  • when and how
  • The dynamics of Agile projects
  • Process Hack – the secret of joint visualization
  • Kanban

Agile teams

  • How does an agile team work
  • Self – organizing team and the role of an Agile leader
  • Establishing Psychological Safety
  • The Agile leader and establishing the culture of trust and transparency
  • Motivation and engagement in an agile team

*The Agile Leader and the power of Communication culture

  • The coaching for agile leaders approach: 1-1 coaching and coaching of agile teams
  • Communicate change
  • Giving proper feedback

*EXTRA - OPTIONAL: Module 5: Agile Transformation

  • The how and what to change
  • How to craft an action plan
  • The duration of a transformation
  • Workshop on concrete goals

Program Outcomes

The training workshop is crafted to put theory into practice. Participants will get:

#A broad overview of what Agile Leadership and Agile Organization is all about

#An overview on methods, tools, values and agile culture

#Concrete techniques, tips on how to lead in an agile way

#Training on how to take action and create a better working environment

Together with inspiring trainers with years of experience in agile training, coaching, and agile transformation, participants will put their concrete cases into agile perspective.

Experts Involved

The program Managing Change is crafted by a combination of experts. Managing Change program can be executed in a combination of:

  • A leading trainer
  • An agile expert and trainer
  • An experienced leadership coach
  • A psychologist with a business background

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