Facilitation of Leadership and Board sessions

Get structure, clarity and best outputs from your teams' sessions

About the Program

Tired of long sessions or offsite meetings that last for hours but have no concrete outputs? Sometimes all it takes is just an inspiring facilitator who will take your team to another productivity level!

Facilitation techniques for Leadership and Board sessions are designed to foster outputs, form better goals and takeouts and put clarity to your team efforts.  In that way, you will be able to use your time together in a most efficient way!

According to your respected topic of the session, a skilled and specially trained facilitator with a respected business background will assist your team. Using agile methods, tools and techniques the facilitator makes sure that your session delivers the desired outputs in the time given!

Want to add a guest expert to the session, too? No problem, we can include them in a most productive way.

Who should attend

  • Board members
  • B-1 and B-2 leaders
  • Heads of departments or leadership teams
  • HR directors

Available as

  • Tailor made facilitated session according to respected topic
  • A session with 1 or more facilitators


  • Slovenian
  • English
  • Croatian
  • Serbian

Experts involved

  • One or more lead agile facilitators (depends on the size of the group)

Program content

The facilitator of the session adapts to the respected topic you would like to cover. 

Tools and techniques that can be used: 

  • Agile tools
  • Agile methods of work visualization
  • Models of work (such as Impact – Effort)
  • Scrum – based approach to project management
  • Working with strong egos and team coaching approach
  • Creative approaches to collaboration
  • … and many more!

Program Outcomes you can expect

#Maximise session outputs

#To have the best outputs from your Leadership session or Board members offsite

#To finish your session in time and with results expected

#Moderation and participation management

#Achieving desired goals of the session without breaking time limits

#Better clarity and transparency

#Visualization of your work

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