Leading in a Post COVID-19 time

New ways of leading and work: the lasting impact of the pandemic

About the Program

Research shows that almost 50% of people after recovering from the Covid-19 disease, experience symptoms that affect their daily life and work capabilities. Taking into account the growing population of people recovering from Covid-19, constant uncertainty, and pandemic impact at individual and organizational levels, we address the shifting attitudes towards flexible working, wellbeing challenges, and the changing role of the workplace in designing the new ways of leading and work.

Who should attend

  • Top management
  • Leaders
  • HR managers

Available as

  • 2h Inspiration session
  • 2 X 3h online live workshop
  • 1-day full workshop - all-day

Language and Trainers

  • Languages: English; Slovenian; Croatian; Serbian
  • Trainers: Slovenian experts; foreign experts; or both

Program Content

Psychological impact of Covid-19 and challenges

  • The Psychological impact of Covid-19
  • Wellbeing and Mental Health.
  • Coping with Covid-19 impact at an individual
  • team and organizational level.
  • Flexible working
  • wellbeing challenges
  • and the changing role of the workplace.

Inclusive ways and the hybrid-working world

  • What will the hybrid working world really look like?
  • New challenges for leaders: Creating inclusive ways of working in Post Covid-19 time.

Program Outcomes

#1 Understand the psychological impact of Covid-19 on wellbeing and mental health in society

#2 Develop mechanisms to cope with Post Covid-19 symptoms at individual and team level

#3 Understand the lasting impact and influence of pandemic on the way we work

#4 Outline actions to create inclusive ways of working in Post Covid-19 time

Experts Involved

The program Leading in a Post COVID-19 time is crafted by a combination of experts. Leading in a Post COVID-19 time program can be executed in a combination of:

  • A leading trainer
  • An expert

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