The mastery of leading on-line and off-line at the same time

About the Program

Struggling with challenges on losing control over remotely allocated coworkers? Is your team lacking motivation to work remotely or still struggle with how to do it? Are you, as a leader, under pressure to perform up to strategy but you have the feeling that your remotely allocated employees do not follow? 

Research shows that leaders strive for competencies for a new era, especially how to lead remote teams. As the contemporary situation shows – we are unlikely to return to offices fully. Part of the team is most likely to still work remote. Need to juggle leading remote and in-the-office employees at the same time? It is time to learn how to do it!

Who should attend

  • B-1 and B-2 leaders
  • Junior leaders
  • Team leaders
  • HR directors

Available as

  • 2 h inspirational lecture
  • 4 h introduction session
  • 3 x 2
  • 5 h online live training workshop

Language and Trainers

  • Languages: English; Slovenian; Croatian; Serbian
  • Trainers: Slovenian experts; foreign experts; or both

Program Content

The principles of the digital environment

  • the VUCA business environment
  • The difference in the digital approach
  • The basics of online facilitation
  • Set the stage for the remote and/or hybrid team

Leading remotely: team dynamic, tools, processes and meetings

  • Tools for online work and collaboration (Jamboard/Mural/Miro …)
  • Online retrospectives on team performance
  • Structuring online meetings
  • How to set team agreements: collaborate more efficiently
  • Work together remotely: Kanban and parallel communication channels

Motivation, feedback, engagement and Psychological aspects

  • Get team members engaged: icebreakers
  • motivators
  • celebrations
  • appraise
  • How to balance remote and in-the-office dynamics
  • Giving feedback remotely – when and how
  • Psychological aspects of remote and hybrid teams
  • Creating a happy hybrid workplace
  • The coaching aspect
  • Manage yourself: the proper balance you need to find in order to set an example

Program Outcomes

#The training workshop is intensely hands-on and focused on practice

#2 An overview on methods, tools, values, tips and tricks

3 Concrete techniques, tips on how to lead remote and hybrid teams

#4 Training on how to take action and create a better working environment

Experts Involved

The program Managing Change is crafted by a combination of experts. Managing Change program can be executed in a combination of:

  • A Remote work certified lead facilitator
  • A coaching expert with psychological background

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