Managing Change

Navigating your team and yourself in an unpredictable world

About the Program

Today as ever before leadership is essential to support people, teams and organizations in an ever changing and disruptive business environment. But are we as leaders really taught how to manage change? Do we have the necessary competencies and skills to be able to steer our organizations, our employees in bumpy road times? How can we prepare for the unpreparable?

In this Managing Change program you will learn how to manage yourself and your team to make you more change resilient. You will learn how to establish a proper mindset, culture, values, approaches as well as tools and hands-on management tips that can help you perform successfully despite high business environment unpredictability.

This program is designed as a dynamic combination of lectures, management training and interactive workshops. Participants will set their own goals and through journaling they will keep track of their progress throughout the program.

Who should attend

  • Top management
  • B - 1 and B - 2 managers

Available as

  • Inspirational session (4h)
  • Face to face Full course program (2 days) + 1h debrief
  • Online live full course program (4 x 3.5h) + 1h debrief

Language and Trainers

  • Languages: English; Slovenian; Croatian; Serbian
  • Trainers: Slovenian experts; foreign experts; or both

Program Content

Preparing for the unpreparable - Understand Change

  • The rules of a complex and fast changing world
  • Embracing a new reality - how to embrace change
  • Let's uncover the real management issues
  • The psychological aspect of change
  • The wheel of change: setting our new goals
  • Introduction to management journaling

Managing in a complex world: from strategy to healthy team performance

  • Plan and implement change
  • Setting a vision: strategy and clear goals
  • Avoiding the pitfall of micromanagement
  • Redefine process management and make the team count
  • Help your team to be the best they can
  • Making the concept of change as a team culture
  • OKR and execution over knowledge
  • When to delegate and when being agile
  • The concept of trust and transparency

Program Outcomes

#1 better understanding on how to manage in a complex world

#2 Clear idea on how to manage your team efficiently

#3 Solid approaches you can use when communicating with your team

#4 Understanding of personal motivations and how to unlock the best of your team

#5 With a Journal which includes action items on what you are going to change

#6 Higher confidence in managing your team

#7 A confidence of performing clear and frequent communication with your employees

#3 Better version and understanding of yourself

Experts Involved

The program Managing Change is crafted by a combination of experts. Managing Change program can be executed in a combination of:

  • A leading trainer
  • An agile expert and trainer
  • An experienced leadership coach
  • A psychologist with a business background

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