On-line facilitation for Leaders

The how to of online facilitation

About the Program

In an intense 2-module course learn how to use online platforms and their functions, how to facilitate the work of your team online, how to facilitate and prepare for online meetings, team sessions or internal business events and how to set up your work environment.

Who should attend

  • B-1 and B-2 leaders
  • Junior leaders
  • Team leaders
  • HR directors

Available as

  • 2 x 2
  • 5 h online live training workshop


  • Languages: English; Slovenian; Croatian; Serbian

Program Content

The basics of online facilitation

  • Set the stage: your work environment
  • Online platforms and their functions
  • Online tools you can use for collaboration
  • Tips for motivating your audience and get them engaged

Tools, online performance and meetings

  • Tools for online work and collaboration (Jamboard/Mural/Miro …)
  • Online performance
  • Structuring online meetings
  • Facilitation of internal team sessions
  • internal business events

Program Outcomes

#1 An overview of methods, tools

#2 Tips and tricks on how to motivate and engage the audience

#3 Learn how to have a successful online performance

#4 Successfully prepare and conduct meetings or business events

Experts Involved

The program On-line facilitation for Leaders is crafted by a combination of experts. Managing Change program can be executed in a combination of:

  • A Remote work certified lead facilitator
  • Online tools expert

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