Sustainability practitioner certification

2-day intensive training program

About the Program

Would you like to understand the concept of sustainability better and focus effectively on sustainable development within your company? Empower your employees in the field of sustainability, so that they can comprehensively contribute to your business strategy and performance, and be in line with the latest economic trends.

Today is, more than ever, important to be aware of the importance of sustainability in the context of the operations of companies and organizations. Depletion of natural resources and their rarity, climate change, and consequences of CO2 emissions requires a different approach and adaptation of existing business models and consumer behavior. 

Attend a 2-day workshop in which we will introduce you to the key areas related to sustainable behavior, business, and practical approaches, how to properly identify, develop and use them. Learn how to reshape your organization’s business model following sustainable principles. As part of our program, you will receive useful theoretical information that is important for understanding sustainability, as well as practical guidance and tools that will enable you to implement sustainability into your organization.

Who should attend

  • Internal sustainability project managers / ambassadors
  • Employees who are involved or will be involved in the company's sustainable projects in the future
  • Everybody who wants to deepen their sustainability knowledge

Available as

  • 2 days full live training
  • 2 days live online training


  • English or Slovene

What do participants get

  • Certificate of attendance

Date and Price

  • Date: 19th & 20th of October 2021
  • Regular price: 1050 eur + VAT
  • 10% discount for 2 or more registration fees

Program Content

Sustainability as the future of the business

  • Gain the overview of the global state /the main challenges and opportunities
  • Understand the concept of sustainability
  • Get familiar with the political environment frameworks and policies related to the terms of sustainability
  • Learn what are the key reporting initiatives & metrics and for measuring sustainability

Sustainable mindset and leadership

  • Understand the concept of sustainable leadership
  • Learn how to develop and sustain the concept of company values in line with environmental /societal and long-term sustainable development goals
  • Train the key steps how to apply and implement sustainability successfully
  • Practical case: get acquainted with the concept of the materiality metrics and identify key areas that are a priority for the development of a sustainable strategy

Walk the talk

  • Understand why sustainability is important for society /business & the environment
  • Learn how to identify key stakeholders in the company business environment
  • Get familiar with tactics on how to establish a sustainable culture in the organization
  • Go practical with group work exercise about stakeholder prioritization

Our business - sustainable business

  • Examine how circularity and sustainability are linked and what are the key areas that are important for the development of sustainable business
  • Understanding the production cycle and learn how sustainability can be a path to innovation and how it can create positive effects on sustainable business
  • Get acquainted with the ReSOLVE framework as a useful starting point for the development of sustainable innovation

Share and communicate company ESG values

  • Get familiar with the aspect of responsible communication
  • Understand essential marketing guidelines & rules
  • Understand the concept of greenwashing and bluewashing
  • Go practical with analysis of real marketing & communication examples

Business model assessment and transformation

  • Gain an understanding of how to build a business model with the Canvas design tool
  • Select one industry and company profile in agreement with course attendees as an exercise case for developing the business model
  • Join group work on developing a sustainability Canvas business model by integration of sustainable assumptions

Program Outcomes

Program outcomes

#Get familiar with the concept of sustainability and the circular economy

#Understand ESG and reporting metrics

#Understand the concept of sustainability culture & leadership within a company

#Understand the basics of building the sustainability strategy

#Recognize the role of communication and responsible marketing

#Introduction to Canvas design tool for building a sustainable business model

Do not miss this opportunity for your exceptional business growth in the context of ESG sustainability!


Darja Virjent, International ESG Certified Practitioner and Sustainability Expert

Darja is certified at International Centre for Sustainability and Excellence as Sustainability ESG Practitioner. Her knowledge and interest in the field of sustainability date back to a period when the concept just started to evolve. She was among the selected twenty participants of the first generation of the annual program, Erasmus+ certificate Sustainable Leadership program organized by Business Economic faculty. In 2017, Darja was representative for the City of Ljubljana as an honorary member of the »Circular Cities Network », which operated under the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, UK based organization with the highest reputation in the field of the circular economy. She attended the Sustainable Transformation manager program, organized by M3trix and Slovenian Center for energy-efficient solutions.

She challenges herself with ideas and projects on how to change business models and develop products and services in line with ESG sustainability goals. She was responsible for the development of the concept of circular business model, within the European project APPLAUSE, which lasted for three years and ended in December 2020. She is recognized above all for her ability and passion to develop and improve business initiatives in a more sustainable manner.

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