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October 6, 2021 @ 8:30 am - October 7, 2021 @ 4:00 pm



In this fast changing world, following agile principles enables organisations to more quickly innovate and meet rapidly changing customer needs.

Since people are an integral part of the journey towards business agility, more and more organizations are seeing the value in applying the agile mindset also in HR and people development and how critical that role is for the journey’s success.

Starting on this journey might raise a lot of questions like…

  • How do people strategy and people operations need to change when working in a company embracing the agile value structure?
  • How can HR support an agile organizational transformation?
  • How can we apply Agile thinking to enhance performance, accountability and growth?
  • How can we create Agile-friendly structures for salaries and benefits?
  • Job Roles – are they needed in the future?
  • What role do employee engagement and motivation play?
  • How can we acquire the “right” people to support the strategic growth of the organization?
  • What are the specific skills that we need to use to run an agile transformation from a people perspective?

During the training we will cover:

Introduction to Agile People and important principles/tools: The foundation of Agile People’s’ mindset is about the principles, values, methods, and tools that we need to start using to release competence and innovation – and what we stop doing.

Psychological safety as a foundation for a learning organization: The importance of an approach that is permeated by security and confidence to increase profitability and innovation – to increase creativity through a culture where it is ok to fail and try again.

Conditions for Change and Growing an Agile Culture: We look at emerging strategies instead of long-term planning, and new ways of working with strategy, budgets, goals, performance processes, and rewards. We explore how to create conditions for a fantastic culture where people can perform at their optimal level with a sense of being supported and secure.

How HR can support an agile organizational transformation: Assess the current organizational structure and design a new structure that enables business agility, maximizes communication, and collaboration within and among teams and enables the flow of value.

Goal setting and performance management in a new way: Appraise current performance management practices and identify ways of bringing agile thinking to enhance performance, accountability, and growth.

Salaries and benefits for an agile organization: Describe and contrast traditional incentive structures with agile-friendly structures, discuss the pros and cons of each approach, and explain how they could apply them to their own environment.

Job Roles – are they needed in the future? Develop an organizational action plan for role modeling an agile mindset and to build new skills that will enable cross-functional teams.

Employee engagement in an agile manner: Recommend different motivational tools to be applied in a context and describe how the traditional employee engagement survey is changing.

Talent acquisition and the candidate experience: Design a sourcing strategy that can be used to find and acquire the “right” people to support the strategic growth of the organization taking values, culture, diversity and collaboration into the hiring decision.

Agile learning: Suggest ways to enable and support a learning mindset in a team, supporting the shift from a focus on deficiencies to a focus on development of new skills and capabilities.

Onboarding practices for agile companies: Design an onboarding experience that enables new employees to become a part of the organization rapidly and smoothly.

The needed changes in the HR core function: Relate how the need for business agility affects the HR function and organization and how it impacts HR team members’ roles and behaviors.

Practical tools, templates and exercises for HR and managers: How an HR department can work with agile tools and methods, for example with Kanban, Sprints, Scrum and Retrospectives.

What’s in it for you?

In the training we will work with many practical tools, templates and exercises that you can directly apply to your own projects or bring back to your team to start on your journey right after the training.

Every moment in our workshop – from exercises to games to discussions to coffee breaks is an opportunity to share, learn and network – and many participants say that the diverse groups we have in these trainings lead to great cross-functional, beneficial discussions.

You will also receive a free copy of the book: “Agile People – A Radical Approach for HR & Managers (That Leads to Motivated Employees)” by Pia-Maria Thorén.

Each Participant will receive a personal Reiss Motivation Profile, that we will use during the certification training.

And all participants who successfully complete the 2-day workshop and post-workshop assignment will receive the ICAgile Certified Professional certification – Agile HR (ICP-AHR).



Anyone who is interested to learn how agile principles can be applied to People and Talent Management

HR Professionals – HR Managers, Business Partners, HR Functional Specialists

Operational and business managers

Change or Transformation Managers or Change Agents

Agile Coaches and Consultants

The regular price is 1050.00 euros + VAT (22%). 

Early bird price is 945 euros + VAT (22%) and it is valid until 27.9.

Course leader

Maja Majstorović Hajduković


About Maja

Maja Majstorović Hajduković is a HR and organizational changes expert. Skilled in talent management and organization design, with experience in change management, organizational culture, with a special passion in HR Innovation and Agile HR.
Maja’s passion is helping leaders& HR to win with change – empowering value creation in digital times with strong teams, focused leadership and innovative HR. Since HR has an opportunity to drive an organisational force within business, our focus must be on creating better workplaces through the development of individuals and teams across all disciplines.

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October 6, 2021 @ 8:30 am
October 7, 2021 @ 4:00 pm
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